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Specials & Offers


For our first ever Special Of The Month we have in stock a limited number of bottles of Cypriot Commandaria. 


Commandaria is officially the Worlds oldest named wine and had been grown and produced in Cyprus for at least 5000 (yes, five thousand!) years. 

The history surrounding this wine is truly epic - from an Ottoman Sultan invading the island purely to safeguard his supply, to Richard the Lionheart naming it the Wine of Kings and it's associations with the Knights Templar.  


It is a sweet red wine made from grapes that have been "raisined" under the Cypriot sun before being pressed for their juice.   

This really is a special wine, we have a deep affection for it.

Glass (50ml) price      £6.00

Bottle (500ml) price   £60.00

For our first ever Offer Of The Month, we are offering a Buy 2 Get 1 Free on our "Picky Bits" menu.  

Each month, we will have limited specials on limited releases or hard-to-find drinks, as well as offers on food and/or non-alcoholic drinks

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